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24-Dec-2018 05:00

– had made her a target in three different schools.She was so traumatized by the tormenting that she dropped out of school and is now pursuing independent study; the young woman “suffers so much that she could not be interviewed” for the article.Would most people consider the action unacceptable? People who are the targets of bullying may experience a range of effects. The most important component of any workplace prevention program is management commitment.Management commitment is best communicated in a written policy.Sometimes, bullying can involve negative physical contact as well.

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In fact, I just received an e-mail from a woman who indicated that she has been bullied so severely in her current job, to include being screamed at in anger by managers and treated with no respect by some of her co-workers, that she felt compelled to tell her story to someone.For example, I can see real potential for people who feel they are being bullied relentlessly to eventually reach their limit and attempt to hurt either themselves or others.I believe that many of the students who have wreaked violence on their schools, such as Harris and Klebold at Columbine High School, or planned to do so, cited being picked on relentlessly as at least one of the motivating factors for their attacks.Sisters Emily and Sarah Buder, appalled by the news, wrote letters to the girl and asked friends to do so as well.

They hoped for 50 letters; the current total is 6,500, and counting!It has also been described as the assertion of power through aggression. While bullying is a form of aggression, the actions can be both obvious and subtle.

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